Squirrel Food For The Squirrels

I was able to get some cute squirrels to stay in my yard by feeding them squirrel food. Squirrels are very fun to watch and I love watching them play and run around my yard. However, if you don’t feed them, they will go away or steal the bird food in your bird feeders. I was able to keep the squirrels away from my bird feeders by setting up a squirrel feeder and filling it with food that squirrels love. In this article, I have written a list of some of the foods that squirrels love to eat. Place some of these foods in your yard to attract some adorable squirrels and make them feel at home.


Nuts Are The Best Squirrel Food

The most favorite food of squirrels are nuts. The squirrels in my yard loved every kind of nut that I put on the squirrel feeder. Nuts are cheap and you can buy them at a lower cost by buying them in bulk. You don’t need to shell the nuts before putting them in your squirrel feeder. Squirrels are capable of shelling nuts with their teeth. It is also a lot of fun to watch the squirrels while they are shelling the nuts themselves. Letting the squirrels shell the nuts themselves also helps make their teeth sharper and tougher.


Dried Corn For The Squirrels

The squirrels in my yard also love corn. I love placing some dried ears of corn on the squirrel feeder in my yard for the squirrels to munch on. It is a lot of fun to watch the squirrels working to get the kernels off the corn cob. Just make sure to clean up the empty corn cobs after the squirrels have finished eating.


Squirrels Also Love Seeds

The squirrels in my yard also love to eat seeds. Their favorite seeds are sunflower seeds. I also served squash seeds and pumpkin seeds and the squirrels loved them as well. You can buy seeds at a low price at major grocery stores. I also baked some seed cakes and fed the leftovers to the squirrels in my yard. They loved the seed cakes!


Squirrels Also Eat Fruits

Most people believe that squirrels only eat seeds and nuts, but in reality they also like to eat fruits. I occasionally feed the squirrels fruit scraps from my kitchen and they loved it. I also mix some dry fruits with the nuts in my squirrel feeder to make the meal more appealing to the squirrels. Squirrels love munching on different fruits and nuts while eating and make them more likely to stay in your yard.


Squirrel Feed From The Pet Store 

Squirrel FoodIf you don’t mind spending a little more money on your squirrels’ food, then you can just buy some squirrel feed from your local farm supply stores or pet stores. Squirrel feed is formulated specifically for squirrels and helps keep them healthy. Squirrel feed is usually made from various seeds, corn and peanuts. It is the healthiest squirrel food that you can buy for your squirrels.