Feeding Squirrels

If you are looking for a list of squirrel favorite food and some feeding tips, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I have made a list of the favorite foods that squirrels love to eat and some feeding tips that will make the squirrels’ meals more appealing. If you feed the squirrels with the right foods, they will visit your yard more often and may even become friendly to you. However, before you keep a squirrel as a pet, check your state’s laws because it is illegal in some states to keep native squirrels as pets. If keeping squirrels as pets is illegal in your state, then just feed them outside in your yard so that you won’t be accused of keeping them as pets.


Nuts Is The #1 Squirrel Favorite Food

The most favorite food of squirrels are nuts. It does not matter what kind of nut it is; as long as its nuts, squirrels will go nuts when they see it. Some of the nuts that I gave the squirrels are walnuts, acorns, peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, and almonds. The squirrels loved them all and you can buy nuts for cheap at your local grocery store. You can purchase nuts at a lower price by buying them in bulk. I let the squirrels shell the nuts themselves because it is fun to watch them do so and it helps them sharpen their teeth.


Seeds Is The #2 Squirrel Favorite Food

The second most favorite food of squirrels is seeds. The squirrels loved the sunflower seeds and corn that I put on my squirrel feeder. Seeds are high in calories and fat, so you must make sure that you don’t feed squirrels too many seeds. The cheapest seeds that you can feed to squirrels are sunflower seeds. You can buy sunflower seeds for cheap at most major grocery stores or pet shops. However, do not feed squirrels too much sunflower seeds because it may cause metabolic bone disease, calcium deficiency, and other health issues. To prevent the squirrels from eating too much sunflower seeds, I always make sure that the squirrels stay away from my bird feeders because my bird feed have sunflower seeds in them.


Squirrels Also Like Fruits And Veggies

Most people don’t know that squirrels also like fruits. Squirrels will also eat fruits such as apple, grape, and banana. They also eat vegetables such as broccoli and carrot. I always put leftover fruit shavings or chopped vegetables in my squirrel feeder for my furry friends to enjoy. While squirrels often prefer hard food such as nuts and seeds, they also enjoy eating soft sweet fruits every now and then.


Mix Them All Together

Squirrel FoodI often mix all of these foods together in my squirrel feeder to make the meal more appealing for the squirrels. The squirrels seem to enjoy looking at the feeder and deciding which nut, seed, or fruit to try next. Mixing all of these foods together also ensures that the squirrels are getting all the nutrients that they need. I hope that you liked this list of squirrel favorite food and have fun feeding the squirrels!