Squirrels In The Yard

If you want to know the best squirrel food for squirrels, then you’ve come to the right place. Squirrels have been visiting my yard regularly ever since I put a squirrel feeder on my yard. I love watching the squirrels while they eat and run around my yard. It is a shame that the laws on my state forbid me from keeping them as pets, but I am satisfied with just having them on my yard while I watch them quietly from a distance. The best way to attract squirrels to your yard is to leave some food lying around your yard for wild squirrels to eat. Once they realize that they will always find some food in your yard, they will start visiting your yard every time they get hungry.


Searching For The Best Squirrel Food

Like most squirrel lovers, I want to give the squirrels the best foods so that they will keep coming back to my yard. The very first foods that I put in my squirrel feeder are peanuts. I know that squirrels love all kinds of nuts because I see squirrels eating nuts in TV shows and cartoons all the time. Most kinds of nuts are cheap and the squirrels seemed to like all of them. I served walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, and even peanut butter on my squirrel feeder, and the squirrels ate them all. Therefore, if you want a kind of squirrel food that squirrels will surely love, then give them some nuts and they will keep coming back for more. If you decide to give nuts to the squirrels, make sure that you leave the shells intact, because gnawing on nut shells help them sharpen and strengthen their teeth.


What Is The Best Squirrel Food?

After feeding the squirrels nuts for some time, I noticed that the amount of leftovers are increasing steadily. Our local veterinarian told me that maybe it got tired of eating the same thing every day and preferred to eat something else. After some research, I discovered that squirrels like to eat seeds and fruits as well. The favorite seeds of squirrels are sunflower seeds which can be bought for cheap at most major grocery stores. I also discovered that squirrels love dried fruits and fruit shavings as well. I decided to mix in some sunflower seeds and fruits shaving with the nuts to make the meal more appealing. The result: the squirrels ate every food on the feeder.



Squirrel FoodTherefore, I concluded that the squirrels, like humans, love eating a variety of foods during a meal. According to our local veterinarian, it is better to mix seeds, fruits, and nuts in the squirrel feeder to make the meal more appealing and nutritious. Nuts don’t contain all the nutrients that a squirrel need in order to stay healthy. You need to combine the nuts with seeds and fruits so that the squirrels will get all the nutrients that they need. The best squirrel food is a combination of seeds, fruits, and nuts.